I will post any tips & tricks that I find will be the most beneficial to my readers. This will include anything from saving money, earning extra money, boosting your chances of getting extra free stuff and so much more.

For surveys

  1. While taking surveys, be as truthful and honest as possible. The companies that offer these surveys are trying to get your opinion on products or services. Your opinions help change the way companies brand and advertise everything.
  2. I suggested clearing your cookies and cache on a daily basis. 1) It can slow down your computer if you take a lot of surveys or visit a lot of webpages daily. 2) Clearing your cookies allows you to qualify for more surveys.
  3. Signing up for 5+ survey sites can allow you to provide a free Christmas for your family. If you start early in the year, you can cash out at least $10 a week on most sites. That $10 a week per website adds up. I say this because you may only actually complete 5-10 surveys per week per website.
  4. Most surveys ask for demographic information because the company is looking for an opinion of certain people. Do not get discouraged if you do not qualify, keep trying and don’t give up. I have completed surveys I didn’t even think I would qualify for, so you can complete one unexpectedly!
  5. Some surveys will ask you to test a product if qualified. DO NOT take pictures or share any of these items because most items will not be available to the public and you can get in trouble. Best thing to do is to test the product, answer the follow-up survey and that’s it!

For product testing

  1. There are some websites that is for product testing only, and some that has a wide variety of stuff including rewards and sweepstakes.
  2. Make sure you opt to test only the products that you can. If your trying to sign up to test a baby product and you don’t have a baby, chances are you won’t be qualified to test that product. If you are in fact asked to test a product of the same, and you cannot complete the follow-up missions or surveys, you may be kicked from those sites.
  3. Your social media and sharing capabilities plays a big part in some product testing. Sites like Influenster, Crowdtap, Generation Good, BzzAgent, Trybe, Simple Solutions, Moms Meet, Home Tester Club, Smiley360 and more require you to either review and/or share your experiences with brands and products. The bigger your social media impact, the greater chance at qualifying to test products. Look for influencer or social media share groups on Facebook to help grow your following.
  4. Review, review, review! I know this sounds time consuming, but it’s not. Influenster qualifies you for product testing based on the products you know and use. The more product reviews you share, the bigger chance you have at testing products in those categories.

Saving money

  1. If you do not drive much, there is a new type of insurance company Metromile that offers pay-per-mile insurance. Your base monthly pay would be around $20 and add 2.1 cents per mile. I drove 40 miles last month and my month insurance bill came to $20.59. Before I switched I was paying over $60 monthly so you could just imagine the savings!
  2. Want to cut cable but don’t know how? Opt for a cheap internet service through companies like Centurylink. Right now they have a special $9.95 per month and if you sign up for a 2 year contract you can get a iPad mini 2 for $150. Now that’s a deal! Combine that $9.95 a month internet with a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription and you will be paying less than $30 a month for all of your entertainment needs.
  3. Save money on your meat purchases with Zaycon Fresh. From farm to you to table, Zaycon cuts out the grocery store to provide you with the freshest meat at affordable prices.
  4. Opt for a cheaper home. Check out this article for pictures and more info. Living expenses are getting more and more expensive and wages just aren’t moving fast enough with it. A home is what you make it no matter where or what you live in. Who cares what everyone else thinks as long as YOU and YOUR family are happy, comfortable and healthy. A manufactured home is a great way to save money and the best part is you can basically put them anywhere! Love neighbors? You could live in a manufactured home community. Are you more of a private person? You can buy a cheap piece of land and place your home there! Taxes are a lot cheaper than a home property tax and easier to maintain. You get water and trash included in a community so that’s also a savings. Lot rent averages around $300 a month. You can find a 2-3 bedroom fixer upper home to buy for $2,000 or less and be a home owner!
  5. Join a fuel rewards program. Some grocery chains and gas stations offer loyalty cards that give you cents on the dollar per gallon taken off your gas purchase. The more gas you buy, the more cents per gallon you get back. I was able to get 15 gallons of gas for 29 cents using my local Hy-Vee fuelsavers program just for grocery shopping at their stores. BP and Shell gas stations have a fuel reward program as well!