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There are several different ways you can get free stuff off the internet. There are brand influencer programs, reward programs, consumer testing programs and referral programs. All of these different websites have their own style and types of brands and products they give out. I know you’re asking yourself why do brands give out free stuff? It’s pretty simple, to get the product and brand out to the public! The bigger your social media accounts are, the more influence you have on people, the more likely others will purchase goods or services because of you. In return, brands will offer products, samples or free services in exchange for the work you do to review or share about the product. These sites offer different things like food, makeup, beauty products, baby stuff and healthcare items.

There are a few sites listed below that specialize in natural products and offer opportunities to try them.

Sites like Crowdtap offer gift cards for completing small missions on top of product testing missions.

At times, you can get free stuff just for mailing a SASE or self-address stamped envelope to enter contests, get free game pieces or to get free gift cards.

I will never post spams or scams on this blog. I create accounts with these sites and test everything before I post about a website, app or program.

I recommend creating a new email address specifically for testing programs. You will receive emails to verify your account and messages for new rewards or product review opportunities from these websites. It’s easy for these emails to get lost in your regular email account. Influenster emails you to inform you are a candidate for a testing program. In order to be selected, you must click “I’m in” in the email and complete a short survey about the testing program. If you don’t complete the pre-qualifying emails then you won’t qualify for any testing programs.

Check out the variety of free stuff I have received since 2016! More pictures will soon be added!

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