How to save money on fuel

How to save money on fuel costs

Fuel costs are one of those things that most people have to deal with. Owning a car can get expensive because of fuel costs alone if you drive a lot. I don’t drive a lot, but my fiance does, so I had to find a way to save money on fuel costs. 

Sometimes gas station and grocery store fuel programs are not enough to help save on recurring fill-ups. There are a few ways you can easily save on fuel, but my favorite is through Shop Your Way


how to get the most out of your shop your way rewards

The easiest way to save money on fuel

Shop Your Way partnered with GasBuddy to allow us to earn cashback on fuel purchases.

Pay with GasBuddy sent me a GasBuddy card after I connected my Shop Your Way account with my new GasBuddy account. I was able to pick the pin # after activation. Now when I go to pump gas, I use my GasBuddy card instead, earning cashback each time I use it. 

Only Shop Your Way members are eligible to receive cashback through Pay with GasBuddy. It’s free to sign up, and there are many other perks included with the program like having a free personal shopper. Points earned using your GasBuddy card are valid for 60 days and can be redeemed at Kmart, Sears, Lands’ End, Sears Auto Centers, and

Other ways to save money on fuel

ways to save money on gas
  • Besides saving with Shop Your Way, I also use my fuel saver program with my local grocery store Hy-Vee. I will purchase items that give cents off per gallon of gas, then use my fuel saver card at Hy-Vee or Shell gas stations in the area. They do limit up to 20 gallons when redeeming cents off. 
  • Other chain grocery stores and gas station programs offer cents off like BP, Kroger, Jewel and more. 
  • Another way I save on fuel is by driving less. I plan one grocery trip per week, limiting the amount of time I spend driving, saving fuel for the week. I prefer having what I need on hand so I don’t have to keep running to the store anyway. This works out great for me.
  • I check tire pressure regularly. You would be surprised how it changes throughout the weather and seasons. Keeping it properly regulated can help you save on additional fuel costs and possible early tire replacement.
  • Look for gas rebates on Ibotta! You can submit your receipt for additional cashback on this app. Rebates constantly change, so check back often.

These are some of my favorite ways to save money of fuel. Knowing I will always need to use it at this time, I am prepared to save what I can, while I can. If you know of any other ways to save money on fuel, comment below!

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