How to save on self-employed tax fees while organizing expenses

how to save money on self-employed tax fees while organizing your expenses

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Being self-employed can become a headache when it comes separating personal and business expenses. As a blogger, I knew I needed a way to keep my expenses separated with as little work as possible. After trying to keep a log myself I decided to find a better way. That’s when I discovered Quickbooks Self-Employed. Keep reading to find out how you can get it for 50% off each month for 12 months! That’s $5 per month!

Why I use Quickbooks Self-Employed

I have been using Quickbooks for a couple years now. It’s to separate business and personal expenses, keeping track of receipts and stay on top of taxes owed. I subscribe to the tax bundle so when I go to file my taxes, Quickbooks automatically transfers the data to TurboTax for Self-Employed saving so much time. The tax bundle includes one free Federal and State return filing with TurboTax online software. It easily connects to the TurboTax account you already have, giving access to any returns filed with that account as well.

How to save money on self-employed tax fees while organizing expenses USA, LLC

Benefits of using Quickbooks Self-Employed

There are several benefits to using Quickbooks.

  • If you track mileage for your business, you can easily add that data to your account and let Quickbooks keep track of it for you.
  • Need to send and track invoices? Quickbooks lets you do that too helping you stay on top of your records.
  • File faster by exporting Schedule C to TurboTax Self-Employed, free filing included with the tax bundle!
  • Receipt capture online and with the app to help you stay organized.
  • Saving on your filing fees by utilizing the tax bundle. This includes one free return filing for TurboTax Self-Employed.
  • Pay $12 per month for the first 12 months for the bundle. If you were to file without Quickbooks, you’d pay $119.99 for TurboTax Self-Employed Federal filing plus $39.99 for State. A savings of $15.98 the first year using Quickbooks Self-Employed tax bundle. You will also save time with the Schedule C exporting.

Because of the great features and time savings, I will always use Quickbooks Self-Employed to handle my self-employment expenses.

If you’d like to pay as little as $5 per month for your first 12 months, check out Quickbooks Self-Employed today. You can save up to 50% each month, and you’ll be saving time keeping track of things!

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