Save on car insurance with Metromile

how to save on car insurance with metromile

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The pay-per-mile car insurance

If you do not drive much, there is a new type of car insurance company Metromile that offers pay-per-mile insurance. I highly recommend getting a rate quote if you’re a stay at home parent, work from home or live very close to work. Also recommended if you’re an Uber driver. They have a special insurance offering for Uber drivers and it tracks your on duty/off duty miles making it easy for you to keep track. Metromile recommends if you drive less than 200 miles per week or drive for Uber, this car insurance is for you.

Why I use Metromile for my car insurance

I started working from home in 2015 and noticed I was driving a lot less than before. I was still paying the same amount for car insurance ($60 a month for liability) with a different company. My insurance was coming up for renewal at the end of 2015 so I decided to shop around for new rate quotes. At the time, I have never heard of Metromile or even understood what pay-per-mile meant. Was I going to get surprise bills? What if I traveled once a year? I had a lot of questions and my rate quote quickly answered them.

Metromile gives you an estimate of what your monthly bill would be depending on how many miles you may drive in a month. I liked how I was able to test different driving scenarios to see how much my bill could get to. I was surprised to find out that if you drive more than 150 miles in one 24 hour period, you are only charged for the first 150 miles and anything more than that is free. I tested this out on a 1400 mile road trip driving each way and was surprised to find my bill only went up $5. Not bad when I normally pay around $30 per month!

Save on car insurance with Metromile

If you would like to get your free quote and start saving, click here: Metromile

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