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Verydice is a free app you can download to get free stuff just for rolling dice. There are numerous ways you can earn free rolls. Keep reading to find out how I earn free rolls. When you roll the dice you receive tickets for the value on the dice. Accumulate your tickets to redeem for free prizes. You can select prizes listed under ticket value or you can search for prizes from Amazon’s database.

Not all Amazon items are available for prizes, but it doesn’t hurt to search for the item if you have something specific in mind. For example, I was interested in finding vegetable seeds as a prize but none were listed under the ticket # prize category. A quick search gave me several different seed options. I searched the item on Amazon to check out reviews then picked one to redeem. You can skip this step but if you want to make sure you’re getting something good it wouldn’t hurt to see. I received my prizes within 3-4 days of redemption. Prizes are mailed as a gift from with a gift receipt. You are not required to have an account, the app does the ordering and shipping for you at no cost. Enter my code for bonus dice rolls at sign up!

Ways to earn free dice rolls on Verydice

  1. Enter my friend code 1164280 to get bonus dice rolls when you register!
  2. Each day you get a wheel spin that gives you between 1-10 free rolls.
  3. Under the action feed there are 2 watch a video options. One allows you to watch a video ad (under 1 minute usually) once every 30 minutes to earn a free roll. The other allows you to watch a video once every 2 hours to earn a free roll.
  4. Answer short surveys for free rolls
  5. Complete more offers like download a game or app and reach a certain level. The free rolls you can earn range anywhere from 3 to over 100 depending on how big the game is and how far you have to reach to earn. I use this means as it’s the easiest way to earn a large number of free rolls. *Note, you will only earn free rolls on games or apps you have never used or downloaded before. The games/apps change regularly so you can continue to earn playing different games.

To learn more about this app and to start redeeming for free prizes, click here: Verydice

Other things you can order pictured below. I have been redeeming tickets for vegetable seeds which will help me grow plenty of food this summer at no cost. I home can my vegetables to preserve the harvest for winter. It helps me save money on groceries and it’s there when I can’t or won’t leave the house on a snowy day!

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