How to save money with Zaycon Fresh *UPDATE* Zaycon has suspended operations as of 06/25/2018

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Update: Zaycon Fresh has suspended operations as of June 25, 2018. There is no word on if they will start back up or if they are done for good. 


Zaycon Fresh is a meat distributor that provides farm-fresh food for you and your family. Save money off grocery store prices when you order online and pick up at a location in your area! The best part is you don’t even have to get out of your car to pick up!


Zaycon Fresh is not your traditional grocery store or meat market, however, they do offer great tasting meat at a very affordable price. The meat offered are considered bulk purchases so if you buy your meat one meal at a time then Zaycon Fresh is not a company for you. You can however go in on a case of meat with a friend or family member to get the best quality meat at the best price.

There are a variety of meats that Zaycon offers including chicken breast, wings or fritters, bacon (my favorite), sausage, fish, roasts, pork, shrimp, turkey, ham and more!

Boneless skinless chicken breast comes in a 40 pound case. Regular price is $1.89 per pound or $75.60 per case. Sometimes promo codes are offered to make it as cheap as $.99 per pound! They come double-lobed and packaged about 10 pounds per bag, 4 bags per case. I find random single pieces at times but they make sure to add full weight to the cases. When you pick up, the driver puts plastic down before putting the case in your vehicle.

Ground beef is offered in 80/20 or 93/7 one pound easy thaw packages in 40 pound cases. Regular price 80/20 is $3.19 per pound/$127.60 per case and 93/7 is $3.99 per pound/$159.60 per case. You can also see the price on 80/20 drop as low as $2.50 per pound with a promo code.

I have purchased their chicken breast twice, bacon, sausage links, chicken fritters, hot dogs and ground beef. We love their products and will continue ordering from them.

Check out what I did with two 40 pound cases of Zaycon Fresh chicken breast! Of course I had some helpers and we had lots of fun while packaging up the meat!

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If you would like to find if Zaycon fresh is in your area, create a free account and add your location. If they are not available in your area, signing up will let them know you’re interested. The more people get interested they are more likely to bring the service to your area! To sign up, click here: Zaycon Fres

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