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Why I started using coupons

I usually don’t blog about my everyday hobbies, but lately I’ve been couponing. It’s like a rush, trying to get the best deals on name brand products. I used to write out my shopping list, you know, with things we ran out of. I was always wondering why I spent so much money at the store. 5 things would cost $30 and next thing you know I’m hungry and I grab a snack too. I would then leave the store feeling like I didn’t want to cook and stop for food afterwards! I was practically throwing money out the window. Well, the last few months I decided to spend my free time learning how to coupon. I was tired of wasting money every paycheck on household items and food. I knew there had to be a better way. My family deserved better too.

Now, I was already couponing at Kmart, which is fun, but I felt that it wasn’t an all the time thing. I used my Shop Your Way points to get things like free cases of water, soup, snacks, etc but most of the time it was store brand. Not bad, but not name brand. I stumbled upon coupon blogs that posted department store and pharmacy deals, where to find the matching coupons and how much you are saving. I got hooked! I didn’t know you could get things like toothpaste, mouthwash and other necessities for FREE! Yes, FREE! I had to try it for myself.

The first thing I did was watch a lot of Youtube videos. I was amazed by how much people can save with coupons! The first Sunday after my Youtube binge I picked up 4 newspapers (now, I have a family of 4, you can buy 1 at a time and start slow. I was dedicated to saving money so I jumped in quickly.) I learned how to match a manufacturer coupon with a sale and how to stack store coupons on top of that if available. Like any learning process I did make mistakes at first. I didn’t pay attention at the register and lost out on coupons the cashier didn’t scan or I made a small miscalculation. I made sure not to do those mistakes again though, realizing that mistakes at the register can cost you money.

After a month of couponing I realized that this was a great hobby for me and along the way I get to help others. Everyone has their own story on why they need to coupon. Mine is simply that I grew up poor, got tired of working with nothing to show for it and not having the extra money to do things with the kids. I now have stability since I started couponing. I get paid, pay the bills and I don’t have to worry about spending the rest on groceries or toilet paper. It’s there when we need it because I bought it at rock bottom stock up prices in bulk, instead of paying full price when we run out. I’m not ashamed to coupon because I don’t care what people think. I know in my heart that this helps my family and those I help to learn how to coupon as well. I plan on donating parts of my stockpile to those in need as it grows.

I am a couponer and I am proud to provide the stability to my family. I will soon be updating the blog to add coupon savings and/or deals as I get them. There are so many stores and deals each week that I will not be able to post them all. I will however still post the freebies and best money saving deals. Happy saving and couponing!

*Update: I have added new coupon features!

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