Maybelline Better Skin Powder Review

I got the chance to test out a new Maybelline product called Maybelline Better Skin Powder. I have used many different products in the past, and was very excited for this opportunity.

When I received my VoxBox from Influenster, I was surprised to see I received a full-sized sample of the product (See unboxing video HERE!) I first want to say I love the size of the mirror with this powder. It’s a pretty neat design compared to other powder compacts. The first time using this product I used a Bare Minerals primer and without a liquid foundation, proceeded to use the Better Skin Powder. This powder is very lightweight and blends in very nicely with my skin and skin tone. Influenster did a great job at sending me the correct powder color to my skin tone.

I didn’t have to use a lot of this product compared to other powders I have used in the past. This powder after applying gave me the perfect natural look I’ve always been looking for. It barely feels like it’s there and it never causes my acne-prone skin to break out because of using it like others I have used as well. I like the fact that this powder helps your skin while wearing it and it does not clog pores. I have noticed a difference in my skin since using the powder and I am excited to try the other products in Maybelline’s Better Skin line of makeup. I truly love this powder and know this will be my go to makeup when I run out. I highly recommend this product! I received Maybelline Better Skin products complimentary, but all opinions are your own.Maybelline Better Skin Powder Review

Maybelline Better Skin Powder Review

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