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I love instant win giveaways and Amazon hosts a large amount of them. To enter Amazon giveaways, all you need is a free or Prime Amazon account. Anyone can host a giveaway and some asks you to follow on Twitter, follow on Amazon, watch a video or just click on the bouncing box. If you win a prize you will either get a Kindle book sent directly to your digital library or it will ask you to verify your address so the physical prize can be shipped to you. The host of the giveaway does not receive this information only Amazon and prize will be shipped from Amazon to you. You can use the following list to enter available giveaways or you can subscribe to their notifications where they will send you an email with the direct link to every single Amazon giveaway. I have won several things using this website including a JBL Flip 3 speaker worth $100!

To check out currently available giveaways or to subscribe to notifications, click here:

To enter giveaways on click on the timestamp on the left hand side of the giveaway you would like to enter. In most cases each giveaway has a description and a picture of the item you are entering for.


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