Free magazines from Reward Survey

Reward Survey is free to join and it’s a site where you complete short surveys to earn cash towards magazine subscriptions. Each time you log in you will be presented with a short 2-5 minute survey and you get $20 added towards your rewards points. Once you complete the survey you will be brought to a page that asks if you are employed or not. I hit no because it gives a list of all magazines available, versus ones pertaining to your particular job industry. Some subscriptions start as low as $10 and as high as $50. If you would like a higher priced magazine subscription you can save your reward points and complete a few more surveys to get enough for those subscriptions. Each magazine will state the reward cost, how many issues you will receive and whether it’s a paper subscription or digital subscription (it lists digital on the picture). You do not need a credit card for this site. Your rewards points are used to get these subscriptions so there is no out of pocket costs. There are a lot of well-known magazines on this site for free such as Wired, Shape, Allure and U.S. Weekly. This site is free to sign up and surveys are offered often so it’s pretty easy to earn several magazine subscriptions off of this website. Any questions, comment below!

Free magazines from Reward Survey

To sign up for Reward Survey, click HERE!

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