Free stuff from House Party

House Party is a website that offers a few different ways you can get free stuff. You can apply to host a house party offered by several different brands where you get free stuff to host the party, goodies for the host and gifts for the guests. You could also attend a house party to get free stuff as well. The third option is to apply to get a chatterbox. A chatterbox could be a variety of products that you would receive for free, test then share your results, reviews, experiences etc of the product to get the brand and the products name out there. Getting free stuff is always exciting and this website offers new, before market products and services and from what I have seen, these are high-end products. It’s a win-win for you getting free stuff and the brands your sharing gets advertisement of the product.

Free stuff from House Party

Items I received for the Bertolli party I hosted

You can sign up for free and apply for your first chatterbox HERE! There are many more opportunities available under host a house party and the chatterbox section as well!

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