Free samples from PINCHme

PINCHme is a website that gives out free samples according to your personal profile one day each month. When you first sign up you will be asked questions about yourself and household to determine what type of samples to offer you. On a Tuesday each month, PINCHme has a sample day where you log in to your account and select the offered samples. They post the date on their website and on their Facebook page. Sometimes samples will be offered as early access so you don’t have to login right away on sample day. The best chance at receiving samples is to make sure you update your profile a day or two before sample day. Sometimes they will add new profile questions as new types of samples become available. Samples are limited so the quicker you log in, the more samples you’ll most likely be offered. It is free to sign up and you will never pay for shipping. The next sample day is Tuesday, Jan. 23rd at 11am CT/12pm ET.

To sign up for your free account, click here: PINCHme

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