Get free stuff from BzzAgent

get free stuff from bzzagent

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How to get free stuff to try from BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a website where you can receive free products to test. A Bzzcampaign consists of testing a product, writing a review and sharing your opinions on social media. Once you sign up, you will answer mini 1-4 question surveys so they can determine what types of products they should send you.

Some questions will ask you if you have food allergies, what drinks you like, summer activities, ages of children for kids stuff and more!

  1. Sign up free, go to, then click Join Now.
  2. You can sign up with Facebook or email, enter required information.
  3. Make sure you verify your email address. This is important or you will not get products from them.
  4. Answer as many surveys as you can. All these are important for them to send you things you can actually use.
  5. Check the website often. Surveys can be added at anytime to be qualified for new testing campaigns.

get free stuff from bzzagent

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