Free product testing with Influenster

How to test and keep free products

Influenster is a website where you have the ability to receive free products to try out. The products you test are based on your household and your likes/dislikes. You have the ability to add allergies, skin issues, hair concerns and more to be selected for product testing more suited to you and your preferences. If does not matter your age, location or if you have children, there are testing opportunities for everyone, even men. My fiance received a men’s Dove hair care product to test for free.To get selected for testing opportunities, you may need to build up your profile. Searching and reviewing products on Influenster’s app and website helps build your profile. There are badges you can unlock while leaving product reviews, asking product questions or answering questions. These badges help show your activeness within the Influenster community. The more badges you earn, the better chance you have at qualifying to receive a free box of samples. Sometimes these samples are even full-sized like the humidifier and Aussie kids shampoo I received for free thanks to Influenster, pictured below! Connect all your social media accounts to have the greatest influence, which in turn qualifies you for more free boxes called a VoxBox.To get free trusted product reviews from Influenster or to join this great testing program, click here: InfluensterCheck out a couple of my unboxing videos!

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