There are several ways I earn cash online. I have a full-time job besides these websites that I use. I am just supplementing one income for a family of 4. Follow these articles and the following advice to be on your way to earning extra cash!

  1. Determine what you can and will do to earn cash. Would you mind taking online surveys? Do you have skills you can offer? What things are you good at? Do you have a skill that you just need a little re-training on? Do you have lots of social media connections? If you answered yes you any of the questions then you are ready to start earning money from the comfort of your own home. Busy body? Most of these websites are compatible with mobile devices. 5-10 minutes here or there makes a big difference in the long run.
  2. Figure out your goal. Are you looking for a full-time work from home job? Do you have a job and just want to supplement your income? Do you want to start your own business from home? These questions are very important for you to determine what you will/can/want to do as there are so many different ways to earn online.
  3. Once you have your skills determined and the type of work you want to do settled, the next step is to start with one or two websites in those categories to see if it’s for you. I highly recommend signing up for several websites to earn the most, however if you are starting out not sure if this is for you then one or two is a good start.
  4. Create a new email address! It will be hard to keep up with the earnings emails if they are cluttering your everyday email account. You can create one free through Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.


Real companies want you to work for them from home!

These companies are moving toward the telecommuting trend to cater to working families. Telecommuting with a job just means that you work from home or on the road for a company. You may have a internet connection to your employers network right from your home and most of these positions offer paid training. These are hourly jobs with benefits like any normal job.

These can be full-time or part-time jobs that offer more than minimum wage. I currently work from home and got my position from starting out with 2 years of customer service in a call center. It teaches a lot of skills that are helpful in everyday life as well. If interested in a real work from home position, listed below are the current known online application pages for these companies. This will include companies like Apple, U haul and others.

  1. Apple, Inc. hires individuals to work from home for customer services positions. You can see current job openings and apply right on the website.
  2. Work at home with Alorica, who hires and trains people to work at home in customer service. You can apply right on their website.
  3. U-haul hires customer service agents to work from home, and only 6 months customer service experience required. Apply online for the available positions.
  4. Appen is a company that hires on contract for website and social media evaluators. There are at times full-time corporate positions available as well.

Earn money on your smartphone or tablet!

There are several apps that will allow you to earn money online for doing simple tasks like watching ads, scratching cards selling stuff (Poshmark) or spinning a wheel. Here I will list the apps that will pay you.

  1. Lucktastic is an app that allows you to scratch virtual cards to earn coins which you can exchange for gift cards or earn cash.
  2. Qriket is an app where you watch ads to get free spins and use the spins to earn money.
  3. Poshmark is an app where you can sell your name brand clothing. You set your own prices and post a picture of what you’re selling. You can even get free credit towards your first purchase with my referral.
  4. Google Opinion Rewards is an Android only app that has 1-2 question surveys. In exchange for taking the surveys Google gives you Google Play credit to use towards buying apps, games, music, movies and more!
  5. WynZyn is a type of sweepstakes app, however just by watching short ads or taking short surveys can earn you free gift cards.
  6. Ibotta is a cash back app where you unlock rebates, scan the rebate item then upload the receipt.
  7. Checkout 51 is a cash back app where you upload your receipt and redeem rebates similar to Ibotta and available for tablets.

Earn cashback for purchases you already make!

Listed here will be a link to the cash back page and will list current available cash back sites or apps. Click  to learn more!

Earn cash by taking surveys or sharing to social media!

Make sure you verify your email address in order to start receiving opportunities to earn cash. If you do not do this step you will miss out on the survey opportunities as well as any product testing opportunities.

  1. Opinion Outpost is a survey only website. You can cash out at least twice a week or more once you get enough points to cash out at $5.00!
  2. ProOpinion is just like Opinion Outpost. The only difference is you have to cash out at $10 instead.
  3. YouGov is a different type of survey site. You qualify for all surveys you receive and it’s all about politics and the government. You can choose from over 25 different gift cards to cash in your rewards for.
  4. InboxDollars pays you for taking surveys, watching videos and doing simple tasks. You can cash out for a check, gift cards, Paypal or donate.
  5. SwagBucks is a survey site that allows you to take surveys for cash.
  6. The Earning Station is another survey site where you can earn cash.
  7. MySoapBox is a survey site and product testing site. You can complete surveys to earn points which will be exchanged for gift cards. As you participate, you will get email invites to test products for your honest review.
  8. Crowdtap allows you to earn Amazon gift cards and free products to test for your review. All you have to do is sign up for free, connect Facebook and Twitter and start earning right away!
  9. Springboard America is a survey only site that allows you to ear cash for completed surveys. It’s free to sign up and you can choose you cash out option.

Earn $5.00 for doing almost anything!

  1. Fiverr is a website where you can buy or sell skills or services. When I say almost anything I mean just that (PG-13 of course!) One person sold a picture of themselves holding a sign with whatever it is the buyer wanted the sign to say. They earn $5.00 per order and they have done this over 1,000 times! Imagine what kind of money you can earn just for being a little creative. Check out this article to meet the 6-figure earners on Fiverr who earn $5 at a time!