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Drivers for advertising company wanted

Passive income is great and so is getting paid to do something you already do!

Since you probably already drive to work or school or to run errands, here is a company that I’ve found that actually pays you to drive, but with a small ad on your rear window. You can make about $400 per month with passive income and the ad will not damage your window or paint!

They are currently accepting new drives for their current campaigns. Don’t wait, the spots might fill up quick! Signing up through me guarantees you a campaign!

*Note, some campaigns are completely free, however some may charge for shipping of the decal. If you don’t mind a small shipping fee upfront to start a long-term passive income stream then continue on!

To sign up for an ad campaign, click here: ReferralCars

Here is my campaign: ZoomBenefits

To get 60% off ZoomBenefits for the life of your membership, use promo code: DISCOUNT60

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