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Get free stuff with your Shop Your Way points

Before I go into details about getting free stuff, sign up for my free personal shopper services to get even more out of your Shop Your Way account. Personal shopper services are complimentary with your free account so put away that credit card, I’m only about freebies here! To add me as your personal shopper click HERE!

Shop Your Way has a point system called rewards points. You receive these points in many different ways. Purchasing items at Kmart, Sears or other Shop Your Way affiliated stores is one. You can also receive points by entering in sweepstakes, playing the instant win games or receiving “surprise points”.

Here are some points and info about this program.

  • If you are not already a member, you can sign up for free HERE. This website will send you emails to look out for that will contain extra sweepstakes entries, coupons or surprise points information. For the first 90 days of membership you get free 2-day shipping on almost everything labeled “MAX” or “MAX eligible”.
  • Once you become a member, you can navigate to the Rewards tab-Play & earn-Sweepstakes. I see on average 100 sweepstakes going at any given time. There will be different ones and you can choose which ones to enter in. The instant win games will give you a chance to win points and some will allow you to pick the prize of the sweepstakes.
  • Shop often online? Add your card on the affiliates tab and earn points on every purchase (like EBATES). You can also use your card at places like Burger King and earn points for dining at that restaurant.
  • Drive for Uber? Connect your Uber account with Shop Your Way and depending on your location Shop Your Way may give you points just for driving (or riding) with Uber.
  • Interested in earning some money while helping someone shop? Do what I do and become a personal shopper HERE! It’s free!

Using your points wisely!

When you purchase items from you get points that go into your general point pot. Surprise points however comes with stipulations.

  • Let’s say you can use 10,000 points ($10.00) when you purchase $10.00 in the shoe department. With this deal, you can technically get the item for free, if you find something $10.00 or under (and most likely not clearance). If you chose to spend $11.00, your 10,000 surprise points can be added to the order and your order will come to $1.00 plus tax (only on the $1.00 and shipping if applicable.) Don’t forget, if you have points in your main pot, and enough to cover the dollar (1,000 points) you can then get the item for free, and will not pay tax.
  • Certain orders will trigger specific surprise points to load to your account. Sometimes playing sweeps will trigger those points to show up. Checking often will prevent you from missing a good deal!

I have ordered an item and paid nothing for it just from spending about an 5-20 minutes a day on the website.

  • Do not forget, rewards points do expire. Every surprise has an expiration date, and your main point pot will have one too, however these do not expire as quickly. If you’re planning to make a purchase for free, make sure you get to use the points before they’re gone. The more you purchase, the more points and surprises you will receive!

Read the fine print on Surprise points.

When you receive your surprise points and you are ready to use them, make sure to check the terms and conditions of each surprise. Often times they will require you to use them for a specific department. Some may not allow you to use them on clearance as well. There may be surprise points that allow you to use them towards any purchase, just make sure you meet the purchase price requirement to redeem. Either way, it will still save you some money, especially if you are already going to purchase those items anyway.

Other benefits of being a Shop Your Way member

  • At times, there will be member sales only. Just yesterday I logged on to find that items in the HOME section was an additional 15% off just for members!
  • You can also clip coupons right on the website, for example one might be for $10.00 of $100.00 purchase. Certain specific items or departments will have a coupon towards money off for those items. There may be times where you cannot combine coupons with points. Just way the difference on using either/or and you will still get a savings.
  • Sign up for my personal shopper services HERE for free and email me for a coupon! I’m sure I’ll have a great coupon to help you save more or get something nice for free!
  • You may be offered to choose from free 2-day shipping or free economy shipping (and earn $1.00 in points for choosing economy.) At times you may need to purchase $30.00 or more to qualify for free shipping. I’ve only come across this once and the items were available for pick-up, so I chose not to have it shipped.
  • Kmart does have online layaway! I take advantage of it for Christmas and have been for the last 2 years. You get 8 weeks to pay off the layaway contracts at bi-weekly payments. (If you use Ebates and you place an item on layaway, you will not receive any cashback until you make your layaway payments. At that time it will be counted as a purchase for every layaway payment, and you will receive the cashback determined by how much you paid.) Watch for deals a couple months before Christmas, they usually offer $1.00 down layaways and I have taken advantage of this. Works great if something is on sale or clearance and you know you can pay it off within that 8 weeks. You can also pay off early, and as soon as final payment is received they start to process your order.

I hope all this information will you get the most out of the website. I have saved a couple hundred dollars just in the 4 months I have been a member. I will continue to try to win points because my family is always going to need things. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below, I would be happy to help!

Use Ebates with your purchase!

Ebates is a rebate program that will pay you a percentage rebate on every purchase. When you are using your surprise points to make a purchase, you get a rebate back going off the entire total, not the actual amount paid. So let’s say your total came to $45.00, but you only paid $10.00, depending on the percentage back for that website, they will pay out on the $45.00. Ebates does give you free money just for shopping online. There are hundreds of stores that participate and the percentage cash back will vary from store to store. They payout by check, Paypal or you can donate the money if you choose. This company pays out 4 times a year.

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